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Independent, In-depth and Individual Attention

Maplewood is an independent education counseling service. We do not represent any schools, colleges, universities or act as their agents, and thus are able to give our clients independent, unbiased advice and recommendations in the selection of educational programs, based on the student or applicant's individual needs and talents.

Maplewood's educational consultants provide counseling to help a student or applicant choose a school, college or university that is a good personal match: one that will foster this particular student or applicant's academic, social, or future career growth.

Our consultants offer a student or applicant individual attention, in-depth knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities, ample time to discuss different options, and strategy and tactics useful in the entire application process.

Our consultants spend hours with the applicant assessing his/her admissions success from multiple perspectives - academic abilities, personal qualities, interests, and aspirations - and building a winning application (see Maplewood Success FactorsTM below). In boarding school and college counseling, Maplewood consultants also work with a student's family to help them make the best education choices in an important family decision.

We bring in the knowledge and skills of an experienced professional, coupled with a commitment to assuring that the applicant's best interests are met.

The Maplewood Success Factors

Maplewood provides college counseling, college planning, and MBA application counseling services to students and individuals who wish to pursue the best possible higher education in the USA.

We believe each applicant is unique and we customize our services and admissions strategies to differentiate each individual applicant from the competitors. For our college admissions services, we also work with the family to help the student make the first most important investment in his/her life - a college education.

We assess each individual applicant for admissions success from multiple perspectives using the Maplewood Success FactorsTM and we select the right colleges, universities and graduate schools for application according to the applicant's academic aspirations, abilities and attributes.

The Maplewood Success FactorsTM are a set of personal qualities, based on our counselors' experience, that admissions officers at the top US colleges, universities, and graduate schools would look for in successful applicants:  

Maturity - intellectual and emotional
cademic ability and achievement, productive class participation
oise, self-confidence, sense of purpose, independence
eadership, dedication, team play
nthusiasm, energy, motivation and initiative
ork ethic, discipline, integrity, responsibility, professionalism
riginality and creativity
pen-mindedness, curiosity, with critical thinking
iversity, concern for others, sensitivity to the outside world

Maplewood advises each individual applicant to highlight the above personal qualities, if available, throughout the application process. If there is still a year or two before application, the applicant should also aim at developing and cultivating such personal qualities in his or her college or graduate school planning.

In selecting the right school to apply to, Maplewood also takes into account other factors including the geographical or regional location, school size, academic programs, research opportunities, career preparation, campus life and environment. The goal is to expand the options available and achieve admission to the best possible college, university or graduate school of one's choice.

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Ethics, Standards and Privacy

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