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Summer Peer-to-Peer English Tutoring Program 2005

Many Maplewood students have been looking for good community service projects to participate this summer. Our students believe that through meaningful community services, they can gain a deeper understanding of their community, show their concern for others, and develop better awareness and maturity in themselves.

Not to mention the fact that solid, reflective community service experience is an important personal attribute that top US colleges and universities would always look for in assessing their applicants.

Maplewood is coordinating the Chinglin Tutoring Program, a peer-to-peer English tutoring program for students in summer 2005. Volunteer students are now being recruited to provide conversational English and reading/writing workshops to fellow students attending a local secondary school in Hong Kong. Interested parents and adults are also welcome to participate in the program.

Chinglin Program Objectives

  • To let students from Hon Wah Middle School (a Chinese Medium of Instruction school) improve in their general English language capabilities and better prepare themselves for HKCEE and HKAL exams.
  • To provide the tutoring students an opportunity to participate in a meaningful community service close at home.
  • To let tutoring students meet their peers who may have come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. For example, many students at Hon Wah come from recent immigrant backgrounds and have only started to learn English formally in their teenage.
  • To allow students to be proactive in community service by taking ownership of the program with minimal guidance from Maplewood consultants and Hon Wah teachers; to let them plan and work cooperatively with people, to share their energy and skills, and to motivate and learn from their own peers.

Chinglin Program Highlights

To ensure the program will be a solid and substantive community service experience, voluteering students are expected to put in 24-60 total hours within a 6-week period from July 11 to August 20, 2005.

Interested students (and parents, as well) may send a email to
chinglin@maplewood-edu.com to register your interest to participate or if you have any questions. A meeting will be arranged in late June or early July to let all volunteers meet and plan the program in further details.

August 20, 2005: The Chinglin Peer Tutoring Program 2005 has concluded with an total enrolment of 12 tutors and 25 students.
Read program chronicle.

Program experience sharing

Program photos

Peer tutors find that help cuts both ways, SCMP, Hong Kong, September 24, 2005

Chinglin Program 2006

Hon Wah Middle School on Ching Lin Terrace, Hong Kong. The summer tutoring program is named Chinglin Tutoring Program after the terrace. Chinglin C means the Green Lotus, and sounds the same as Youth C~ in Cantonese.

Peer Support - SCMP Young Post cover story August 29, 2005

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