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Program Update for Chinglin Tutoring Program 2007

Visitors: Please bookmark this page for the latest announcements and reports for the Chinglin Tutoring Program 2007. Check back as the program begins, runs and concludes throughout the summer from July 16 to August 3, 2007.

Program update (July 30, 2007)
Program update (July 23, 2007)
Program update (July 16, 2007)
Program organization meeting (July 12, 2007)
Program guidelines (May 25, 2007)
Program contact

Program Update
(July 30, 2007)

We are in the third and final week of the Chinglin Program 2007, although to some of us it might seem that the program has just warmed up as student attendance became steady. While one of our tutors Cyrus is off after two weeks for another commitment, we are more than compensated for in our tutoring resources by our veteran Jennifer who joined us last week. The team members, working out their often staggering schedules, have been able to provide effective tutoring at an excellent student-tutor ratio, stage interesting learning activities, maintain class discipline, and perhaps most important, sustain student motivation and their own stamina to do a great job in the program.   As the program comes to a close, the team is reminded on the following:

Things to do:

1. Plan and organize an end-of-program party for all tutors and the Fukien Middle School (North Point) students on the last day of class, Friday August 3.

All should participate so feel free to plan the details of the party together with the Fukien students. The party can be held at the school and Maplewood will sponsor the food and refreshments (at a budget of $40/person). The team can design games, activities, and even speeches for the party. For tutors who have contributed at least 30 hours of service in Chinglin (including class hours, preparation, trips outside class if any), Certificates of Recognition will be presented, so the team should include this presentation in the run-down. Please let both Fukien and Maplewood coordinators know your time, place, run-down and other details as soon as possible. Also, bring a camera and take lots of pictures!

2. Fill out questionnaire and participate in debriefing on the Chinglin Program.

Maplewood has prepared a questionnaire to collect the tutors' feedback on the Chinglin Program 2007. This questionnaire should be filled out and returned to the Maplewood coordinator by hand or by email on or before August 3. Filing out this questionnaire would also help the tutors to prepare for the program debriefing on August 3, the last day of class. 

The debriefing will take about 30 minutes to an hour and will let all tutors share their experiences and thoughts on the program. Fukien students may also be present at the debriefing to share their own experiences. While some experience sharing may be done through speeches during the lunch party, this debriefing is a more formal session that can take place after the party. The team has to decide when to hold this debriefing on the last day of class. Our program coordinators - David Lai from Maplewood Education Services and Winnie Lam from Fukien Middle School (North Point) - will be present to facilitate the debriefing and lead the discussion, so please let them know the time for the debriefing beforehand.

3. Summary of tutoring experience.

All student tutors are to write up a summary of their experience in the Chinglin Peer Tutoring Program in 500-800 words by August 15, 2007. We want you to reflect upon your own personal growth and development through your community involvement, and express whatever you feel strongly about the program - positive or negative - so that we can improve the program in the future. Try to draw on anecdotes, personalities, and detailed observations in the program to support your statements and conclusions. This way, your essays will be lively and persuasive. Maplewood plans to compile your essays on the Chinglin 2007 website which may also include write-ups by the Fukien students on their own learning experiences in the program. We believe this will serve the memory well for all who have participated in the Chinglin program in 2007.  

Maplewood coordinator Perry Yu will be out of town this week from July 31 on, so please contact David Lai at +852 9771 6999 or regarding any support from Maplewood. Thanks!

We look forward to a successful conclusion of Chinglin Program 2007!

chinglin peer
                                              tutoring 2007
More photos at Chinglin Peer Tutoring 2007 Album.

Program Update
(July 23, 2007)

Chinglin 2007 progresses to the second week now. We received reports from some of the tutors that attendance has drastically dropped towards the end of the first week. This could have been a surprise to many of you, but is also a good opportunity for our tutors to find out, or rather, learn to anticipate any problems that can arise.  

Regarding attendance, the program coordinators have asked the school to remind the students to attend the tutoring classes this week. The attendance might not have been steady last week as many of the Form 3 students in the program still need to go here and there to find their Form 4 schools to attend next year. However, are there other factors? They could be from the students themselves, or from the tutors. Some of the considerations we can think of:  

  • Are there students who plan to go back to China and visit their hometown during the summer vacation? Are there students who find the tutoring class not matching their learning levels?  
  • Are the tutors able to sustain the learning interest and motivation in class? Are the tutors observing, understanding, and meeting the students' expectations?
  • Is there a good balance of small group activities besides general class activities so that more individual attention can be given to those who need it the most - especially those who find it difficult listening in English?  
  • Is communication clear among students and tutors about each other's schedules? Is there a student monitor or are there group leaders who can serve as coordinator to communicate any messages efficiently from the tutors to the students?  
  • Does the school, under renovation in the summer, provide a conducive environment and adequate facilities for the tutoring program?   

There can be tons of questions and problems. Part of the learning through the Chinglin program is to anticipate and identify problems, decide to look for appropriate resources to prevent, solve, or work around these problems, and take action.  

From what the program coordinators observed in class on Monday through Wednesday last week, the team has been able to maintain discipline in class and has introduced many interesting learning activities to the students. Some of these activities, such as using lyrics of English pop songs and movie songs as learning material and singing along on YouTube, were very innovative and have introduced new experiences to many of the students. However, some students seemed not to be fully attentive. Were they learning, and what were they learning from it? What might they be more interested in? This is an example of certain learning activities that may not have a universal appeal, although the learning is demanding and rewarding, compared to simple learning games such as Hangman or Scrabble which have been very popular to the students in previous years. Tutors have to balance the learning objectives of an activity with the effectiveness of the learning. It's not easy to plan, to execute, to adapt along the way, and to gain results.  

For our Chinglin tutors, you are in the second week now. It's time to be more communicative with your students, gain their feedbacks, and be more reflective on your experiences. Keep up the good work and you'll bring the most to your students and get the most out of the program yourselves.

More photos at Chinglin Peer Tutoring 2007 Album.

Program Update
(July 16, 2007)

An updated contact list is circulated with the latest member Clarence joining Cyrus, Jacqueline, and Jennifer.   Clarence will start the program this afternoon together with Jacqueline and Cyrus (all to meet David at 1:45 pm at 88 Hing Fat Street lobby to walk over to Fukien Middle School).   Ms Winnie Lam of Fukien Middle School will introduce the tutors to the students when they arrive at 2 pm.

There will be fewer than 20 students now, as some students just informed Ms Lam this past weekend that they need to attend summer classes at schools where they will be transferring to for Form 4.   We expect the students now number between 5 and 15 but they will make a commitment to attend the tutoring program throughout these three weeks. So the tutor-student ratio may work out very well.  

Please confirm all schedules of tutors and students this afternoon so you can plan well ahead. Planning and constant checking and adjustment of your plans are a critical success factor of the program besides the actual tutoring lessons and activities, your interaction with your students and fellow tutors, and other factors.  

We wish everyone an enjoyable and rewarding experience at Chinglin 2007.

Program Organization Meeting
(July 12, 2007)

As of this date, 20 students from Fukien Middle School (North Point), a local Hong Kong secondary school, have signed up for the tutoring program. They are finishing Form 3 and plan to go on to Form 4 in other secondary schools in Hong Kong.  

Organization meeting details:  

Date: July 12, 2007 (Thursday)
Time:  6:30-8:30 pm
Maplewood's office, 31/F, 88 Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel 2107 4108 / 9109 1750 (map)  

At this organization meeting, we plan to:  

  • let fellow volunteer students introduce to each other (since you'll all be in one team)
  • explain and discuss the objectives of the program in detail
  • introduce the coordinators of the program from Maplewood and Fukien Middle School (North Point)
  • circulate Chinglin 2007 Contact List and discuss support mechanism (communication among team members and program coordinators)
  • brief on the background of Fukien students and their school, venues for tutoring classes, facilities and equipment
  • share expectations and goals among volunteer students
  • share experiences of tutors from Chinglin programs in previous years if in attendance (Thanks to John, Chinglin 2006, who is coming after his summer workday to share his experiences with all of us!)

    Read tutors' essays and experience sharing.
    Read students' reflections 2006.
    Read Chinglin 2005 tutor and student essays.
  • circulate and discuss Backgrounder on Peer Tutoring and Volunteering
  • introduce and discuss the English language curriculum
  • brainstorm any other specific needs and goals
  • discuss implementation of the program
  • set up team structure and program logistics (class/activities scheduling, tutor availability dates, attendance records, program journal/diary, program review and evaluation, etc.)
  • AOB (any other business)  

Things to do:  

1. For Hong Kong volunteer students who have signed up in the Chinglin program, please confirm your attendance for the organization meeting on July 12 at

2. For volunteer students currently not in Hong Kong, please let us know when you will be back in Hong Kong and confirm your attendance for the organization meeting on July 12. 

3. If you have not confirmed your availability dates for the program, please let us know before July 12 at so that we can schedule you in for the dates you will be available.

4. Bookmark this link for the latest program info update:

If you have any questions any time, please call or email Program Contact.

Program Guidelines
(May 25, 2007)

  • Target students - students finishing F3 at Fukien Middel School (North Point); Chinese name: 福建中學 (北角)
  • Volunteer tutors - high school students attending other local secondary schools, international schools, boarding schools in UK or USA who are in Hong Kong for the summer
  • Place - classrooms at Fukien Middle School (North Point). Address at 1 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong (map)
  • Duration - July 16 through August 3, 2007.
  • Hours - Monday to Friday 2:00 to 5:00 pm.
  • Time commitment for tutors - 3-5 afternoons per week, 3 hours per session. Minimum 10 sessions x 3 hours per sesion = 30 hours. Maximum 3 weeks x 5 sessions or 15 hours/week = 45 hours. Additional hours for program planning, keeping a diary and reporting.
  • Tutors should demonstrate good teamwork in planning activities and setting up schedules among themselves including backup if any tutor is to be absent for any session.
  • Commitment from Fukien students - must attend at least 90% of classes to obtain a citation from Maplewood/Fukien. Absence must be notified before class.
  • Tutor/student ratio - one tutor to two to five students
  • To do list:

    - Organizing and planning of curriculum and schedules by tutoring students. Coordination by Maplewood and Fukien for venue and classrooms.

    - Program planning meeting of tutoring students before program starts. Program diary. program debrief, and survey/questionnaire by tutors and students at end of program.

    - A kick-off orientation meeting and an end-of-program party for all participants at the end.

    - Creativity in the learning program is very much encouraged. For example, tutors may design games, an outing to a movie or performance, a trip to a place of visit seldom taken by the students, but only English should be spoken in these excursions and the learning objectives should be defined and understood by all.

Program Contact

General info and enrolment:

Send email to with your name, a brief description of your age, year of study, school, your availability for the weeks of July 16 to August 3, 2007, your contact email and phone no. Maplewood will confirm receiving your email and confirm enrolment. Thank you!

Maplewood coordinator contacts:

Perry Yu
Education Consultant and Director
Maplewood Education Services
Tel: +852 9109 1750

David Lai
Education Consultant and Director
Maplewood Education Services
Tel: +852 9771 6999

Fukien Middle School coordinator contact:

Miss Winnie Lam
English Teacher, Fukien Middle School (North Point)
Tel: +852 2578 1764 (school); +852 9770 8392 (mobile)

Other school info:
Fax: +852 2571 3987 Email:

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