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GlobalEnglish Program  

Proven and Effective

Looking for a proven, effective way to improve on your English proficiency? Whether you are a student learning English as a second language, or a working professional using English regularly in your daily business life, there is a way.

At Maplewood, we use GlobalEnglish, the leading online English learning tool to help you achieve your goals in gaining English proficiency. The integrated, multimedia coursework simulates real-life English language communication experiences. You attend classes in a small group of maximum 6 students, led by an instructor giving individual guidance and support.

The benefits are:

  • Assessment before and after: we tailor a personalized program of study for you
  • Interactive activities that build your language skills in all key areas fast
  • Target areas for improvement and success, e.g. listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar
  • Personalized feedback on your progress
  • Proven and effective

Who Should Attend

1. Students from age 13 and up who study English as a second language. Build your English proficiency to an advanced level by studying just a few hours each week. For those who want to learn at their own pace with instructor guidance and support. Preparation for TOEFL. Recommended course: English Head Start (Learning goals).

2. Young students from age 6 to 12 who have begun studying English as a second language. Enjoy learning English through interactive activities and games. Improve English proficiency effectively by targeting the child's individual learning strengths and weaknesses. Build a solid English foundation for speaking, listening and writing fluency - skills that prepare the child for future success. Recommended course: English for Kids (Learning goals).

Adults at any level - from beginner to advanced - who want to achieve further English competency, improve on their English conversation skills and learn the language they need to speak on the telephone, read and write email, participate in meetings, and more. One-on-one option for best progress and effectiveness. Recommended course: Business English for Success (Learning goals).

Contact Maplewood for an appointment.

4. Corporations who want to improve the use of English in their global business communication with customers, suppliers, and among their staff. A customized corporate learning program can be designed to meet the specific needs of the staff.

Contact Maplewood for an appointment.

(Corporate clients of GlobalEnglish have included American Express, Bank of China, Canon, China Motor, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Deutsche Telekom, General Motors, Gillette, Hilton International, Honda, LG International, Mitsubishi Corp, Nestle, Hewlett-Packard, IBM Japan, Procter & Gamble, SAP, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp.)

Program Highlights

GlobalEnglish Programs at Maplewood features comprehensive courses to help you improve your overall English proficiency. The courses include interactive assignments on a variety of topics and focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

For students ages 13-18, each GlobalEnglish course at Maplewood consists of:

- 24 hours of learning and instructions conducted in 12 classes led by an instructor
- classes in small groups of no more than 6 students to maximize student-instructor interaction
- interactive, on-line learning tailored to suit every age and ability

Students normally sign up GlobalEnglish courses by attending one class per week. Each class lasts 2 hours.

For fall 2005, a regular 12-week program is offered to students attending one 2-hour class per week. Study plans are tailored to the student's goal and level. Progress is monitored individually throughout the course. (More)

Each GlobalEnglish course is structured into 12 classes:

Class 1 (2 hours):  Placement test, create tailored Study Plan, explore GlobalEnglish courseware.

Before you begin studying, you can identify your specific learning goals and create a detailed study plan that will help you get the most out of each study session. You can use My Page to manage your plan and stay on schedule.

Class 2-11 (20 hours): Work on Assignments which follow from suggestions in the Study Plan. Each Assignment covers different activities for different learning objectives. Students can also take Review Tests or do focused practice at the Skills Center in specific areas: listening, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar.

Each assignment consists of activities which
focus on a specific language skill area for
practice and learning.

Class 12 (2 hours): Progress Test and Course Report. If your progress is satisfactory, you also earn a Course Certificate and you can move on to the next level.

Get detailed information about your progress as you complete the items on your study plan. Follow the recommendations to improve in the specific areas where you need additional practice.

Class Schedules and Enrolment
(students ages 13-18)

For younger students ages 6-12, GlobalEnglish Kids Programs exploit the natural language learning strengths of children to build a solid English foundation for complete speaking, listening, and writing fluency. GlobalEnglish draws on the latest science and technology and enables students in non-English speaking countries to learn English in an natural, enjoyable way that has never been possible.

Through discovery-oriented adventures, children have the chance to apply their English by interacting with other real children from all over the world. They can adopt characters, customize them, buy, sell, and trade collectible items, learn about different cultures, and hear English spoken by people all over the world.

During online lessons, children use microphone headsets to record their voices, and hear playback to compare their pronunciation to those of native English speakers. Presentation of new language is followed by natural and fun opportunities such as activities and games to practice and produce the language.

Inductive Learning

In inductive learning, students work with samples of language and acquire the rules and generalizations through analogy rather than analysis. Inductive methods of learning are more effective for children than formal deductive methods because children do not yet require rules about language in order to communicate.

In GlobalEnglish Kids, language is presented inductively; grammar rules are not explicitly stated. Students listen to, read, and watch conversations, stories, and songs in which new expressions and grammar are presented in a variety of rich contexts and activities. For example, in conversation activities, students listen to a conversation with accompanying images, audio, and text that help convey meaning.

Students then answer multiple-choice questions in which they complete sentences using the vocabulary, expressions, and grammar they heard in the conversation. They begin to see patterns and acquire the language after interacting with the same language in different contexts and adventures.

GlobalEnglish Kids develops all areas of English in a way that will ensure a child's confidence and success in developing English skills in school and, later, in life as a global citizen.

Class Schedules and Enrolment
(students ages 6-12)

"What impresses me the most is how effective the activities are! I do the exercises for my level and at my own pace. Everything is very clear, and if I have questions I check the translation or write directly to one of the GlobalEnglish teachers." - Maria Ines Bracale, Brazil




"GlobalEnglish provides the potential to take learner-centered instruction and task-based learning into new directions and dimensions." - Dr David Nunan, Director and Chair of Applied Linguistics, University of Hong Kong, ex-President of TESOL, GlobalEnglish Academic Advisor, Hong Kong




"In order to develop business in a globalized society, I have recognized that the English language is an indispensable element. Thanks to GlobalEnglish, my English listening and speaking skills are improving every day." - Akinobu Yukimoto, Tokyo, Japan




Maplewood GlobalEnglish Program
students talk online with a
native-language-speaking teacher
and other students to improve their
listening and speaking skills.







"GlobalEnglish Kids focuses 100% on the individual student. The students are much more engaged in learning English when using this product than in the group classes." - Jinny, English teacher, Seoul, Korea




"My child never learned grammar but absorbed grammar in a natural and easy way." - Mi-Suk, mother of a 9-year-old boy



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