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Ethics, Standards and Privacy Policy  

Maplewood Ethics and Standards

Maplewood Education Services subscribes to the highest professional standards in education counseling. Our ethics and standards are based on the following values:

1. Sound advice - Our consultants discuss education options with students and parents, and fairly represent opportunities available to each student. We may make referrals to other consultants or organizations as appropriate.

2. Integrity - Our consultants communicate clearly and precisely what our services are. We provide value for the services rendered. However, results in admission or financial aid are not "guaranteed".

3. Respect - Our consultants respect the student/school relationship. We strive to work as a team with high school counselors, college staff and independent consultants. We respect students' achievement and independence and expect them to complete admission applications and write essays personally.

4. Confidentiality - Our consultants respect the confidentiality of our relationships with students and families. We obey the applicable privacy laws. (See Maplewood Privacy Policy below.)

Maplewood Privacy Policy

In the provision of services to our clients, Maplewood Education Services may collect personal information and records to assess the person's academic achievement and other qualifications for the purpose of college planning and/or application. Maplewood recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of our clients who submit their personal information and records for assessment. Any information shared between our clients and Maplewood is protected in accordance with the applicable laws of Hong Kong SAR and the policies stated below.

A client's personal information and records are used only in connection with the assessment of his/her academic achievement and other qualifications for the purpose of college planning and/or application. We do not release information pertaining to our client or his/her personal information and records to any third parties.

Maplewood does not sell or distribute its client lists to any outside party. We may provide aggregate information about our clients, services provided, schools applied to and application results, but such aggregate information will not include any personal identifying data.

By engaging Maplewood Education Services, you consent to the terms stated in this Privacy Policy.


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