Maplewood student admissions to US colleges and universities 2007-2010

National universities

Include the following top private and public universities:

Harvard University

Rice University

U of Rochester

Princeton University

Emory University

U of Wisconsin

Yale University

Carnegie Mellon University

U of Washington


Georgetown University

UC Davis

Stanford University

U of Virginia

UC Irvine

U of Pennsylvania


UC Santa Barbara

Columbia University

U of Michigan

Penn State University

Duke University


U of Texas

U of Chicago

Tufts University

Syracuse University

Dartmouth College

Wake Forest University

Pepperdine University

Northwestern University

Brandeis University

Boston University

Washington U in St Louis


U of Minnesota

Cornell University

Boston College

Rutgers University

Johns Hopkins University

Lehigh University

Miami U - Oxford

Brown University

UC San Diego

Purdue University

U of Notre Dame

U of Illinois

Indiana University

UC Berkeley

Case Western Reserve U

Michigan State University

Liberal arts colleges

Swarthmore College, Bowdoin College, Haverford College, Vassar College, Wesleyan University, Grinnell College, Colgate University, Smith College, Barnard College, Occidental College, Kenyon College, Whitman College, Skidmore College, and others.

Maplewood students - where do they come from?

Maplewood students who aspire for higher education in the best possible US colleges and universities attend high schools from all over - in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, UK, USA, Canada, Australia. Some of the high schools Maplewood students have attended:

American International School Hong Kong West Island School Shenzhen Middle School
Belilios Public School International Christian School St George's School, Vancouver
Bishop Starchan School, Ontario KGV School St Johnsbury Academy, Vermont
Canadian International School La Salle College St Joseph's College
Cheltenham Ladies College, UK Lawrenceville School, New Jersey St Louis School
Chinese International School Lester B Pearson United World College of the Pacific, Vancouver St Mark's School
Delia School of Canada Li Po Chun United World College St Paul's Co-educational College
Diocesan Boys' School Maryknoll Convent School St Paul's College
Diocesan Girls' School Marymount Secondary School St Paul's Convent School
Eaglebrook School, Massachusetts Peddie School, New Jersey St Paul's Secondary School
Fairmont Prep Academy, California Philips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire St Stephen's Girls' College
French International School Queens College St Timothy's School, Maryland
German Swiss International School Queenswood School, UK Taipei American School
Good Hope School Sacred Heart Cannosian College True Light Secondary School
Hong Kong International School Sevenoaks School, UK Wah Yan College Hong Kong
Hong Kong Island School Shanghai High School International Division Winchester College, UK
Hong Kong South Island School Shenzhen Experimental High School Yew Chung International School

At Maplewood, our college counseling focuses on helping students apply and get admitted into the best possible college or university of your choice. Our success in improving the admission rate of students applying to top selective schools remains our core competence.

If you are a high-achiever, have a fine academic preparation, and would like to get into these top US colleges and universities, we strongly urge you to contact Maplewood to discuss how you may improve your chance of admission.

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