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College App Summer 2011  

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Maplewood US College Application Workshop - for rising seniors

Summer 2011 - Gain a Head Start!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Who should attend this 4-day intensive workshop?


     This workshop is specially designed for the rising F6 or Grade 12 or Year 13 student who is focused and willing to work intensely over a 4-day period to get a head start on US college applications this summer. You would plan to apply to US colleges and universities in fall 2011 for admission in September 2012.  


2.  I am interested. What happens after I sign up?


     Once you sign up, experienced Maplewood consultants will prepare a Pre-Workshop Report based on your interests, school grades, test scores and background. The report will include university suggestions, application strategy, and personalized advice. You then attend the 4-day workshop session and gain a head start on your college applications with our guidance and advice.

Maplewood consultants are all
experienced professionals in education counseling and are graduates of Ivy League and top universities in the US. Over the past years, Maplewood consultants have successfully coached our students to gain admissions to the most selective and best possible colleges and universities of oneís choice. (See what schools Maplewood students are admitted.)


3.   Whatís a typical day at the workshop like?


     In a typical day, we focus on one to two parts of the application process with each student either one-on-one or in a small group.  You could work on school selection, write and edit essays, practice interviews, prep for SAT, build a personal profile and complete a winning application.  We offer customized strategies, ideas and feedback tailored to each studentís needs.  Working intensely from 9am to 6pm, you will accomplish a lot. (See Workshop Schedule.)


4.   What exactly will I have accomplished at the end of the 4-day workshop?


Youíll have:

  • Finished at least one long and one short essay for use in university applications
  • Completed the Common Application
  • Created a personal ĎASAPí profile that highlights your activities, services, awards and accomplishments for use in your applications

Armed with a targeted and winning strategy on which universities to apply to, based on a report compiled by Maplewood consultants, you will be more relaxed and confident about your chances of admission to desirable schools as you complete your applications in fall 2011.


5.   Whatís the difference between this workshop and your regular college counseling service package?


     Students who enrol in our regular college counseling package have full access to our resources from start through university acceptance.  This workshop is a 4-day program that focuses 100% on applications only. For further counseling support beyond this workshop, you can enrol in our regular package at a reduced rate.


6.   Iím just a B student and wonít apply to the top-tiered universities.  Will I benefit from attending this workshop?


     If you are motivated and willing to work hard, you will benefit by  focusing and finishing your application early, gaining a tremendous head start over other applicants. You will be in a position to submit your application for the Early Decision or Early Action round, improving your chance of admission to your targeted, best-match universities.


7.   I canít make it to either session as Iím already committed to other activities.  Could special arrangements be made?  


We could help a small number of students by arranging other sessions. Please contact us on any special time arrangement that you need (call +852 2107 4108 or send email: info@maplewood-edu.com).


8.   Whatís the service charge of your College Application Workshop?


The 4-day program (8 hours/day) with one-on-one meetings and small group workshops will be charged at HKD28,000 per student. Terms of payment: 50% upon sign-up to confirm your seat (non-refundable), 50% balance due by Day 1 of your workshop session.


9.   Where will the workshop be held and what do I need to bring?


The workshop will be held at the office of Maplewood Education Services with seminar facilities. You need to bring your notebook computer, a well-rested body and mind, a lot of enthusiasm and a strong belief that you can accomplish much in the 4 days.


10. How do I sign up?


You may sign up online at: http://tinyurl.com/maplewood-workshop2011. Our consultant will then be in touch to arrange for service payment and preparation of your Pre-Workshop Report.


Alternatively, you may call us at: +852 2107 4108 or send email: info@maplewood-edu.com to arrange for your sign up.


**Sign up today to reserve your spot! Space is strictly limited, first come first served.**

More questions?... Just call us at: +852 2107 4108 or send email: info@maplewood-edu.com.

Overview | FAQ | Schedule  | Sign up

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